• Collaborations

    We promote joint ventures and alliances to open up new opportunities and partnerships with Indian and Russian businesses, startups, technology experts, government agencies, research institutions, academic institutions, policy think tanks, and other stakeholders.



  • Exploration of partnerships in common areas of interest to MAKE WITH INDIA
  • Advocate mechanisms to improve technological cooperation, technology transfer, and trade
  • Promote solutions and standards for Eurasia and Global South 
  • Strengthen long term bilateral relationships

Areas of Collaboration

Cyber Security

Collaboration towards harnessing the combined expertise, sharing intelligence, and leveraging solutions for securing cyber physical ecosystems. Our aim is to promote cyber security solutions, best practices, and cutting-edge research, to jointly develop, propagate, and implement robust security mechanisms for our national assets.

Smart Manufacturing

Partnerships to leverage the collective elementary and application knowledge and resources to develop advanced solutions for modern manufacturing challenges. Our aim is to co-develop cutting-edge technologies for the improvement of design, production processes, supply chain management, and quality control. 

Semiconductor and Electronics

Collaborations to overcome the complexities and cost-intensive nature of design methodologies, semiconductor fabrication, advanced manufacturing processes, materials, and assemblies, to promote innovation, efficiency, competitiveness, and self reliance. 

Smart Cities

Partnerships towards the development of expertise and resources to implement solutions for the transformation of sustainable and efficient urban environments. Our aim is to co-develop cutting-edge smart solutions for data-driven urban planning, smart mobility, waste management,  energy management, and public safety.

Digital Transformation

Partnerships to leverage the joint expertise in the digital transformation across industry sectors with application artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and cloud computing to enhance operational efficiency, automate processes, and deliver more personalized customer experiences. 


Collaborate to pool combined expertise and capabilities to streamline trade, financial, and legal processes for the BRICS+ economic systems by using smart technologies across regulatory, financial, insurance, international trade, international settlements, and international logistics.



  • Joint development of sovereign technology standards and roadmap
  • Improve mechanisms for joint technological cooperation, research, innovation, and technology transfer
  • Advocate solutions and standards for Eurasia and Global South 
  • Promote long term strategic relationships

Areas of Collaboration

Sovereign CPU

Promotion of efforts to co-develop indigenously designed next-gen chips, establishment of manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain that provides security and independence from external influences, with academic, research, startup, and industry partnerships. Our aim is to support initiative for a resilient ecosystem for design, fabrication, OSATs, OEMs, and EMSs.

Cyber Security

Collaboration towards harnessing the combined expertise involving academia, research, industry, and government agencies to build a sovereign security architecture to address current and future security needs of our nations. Our aim is to promote joint research in areas covering cyber threats, vulnerabilities, cryptography, software security, network security, IOT/ICS, AI security, security policy development, education and workforce development. 

Fintech for BRICS+

Promotion of joint research on the financial technologies involving banking technology, fintech research, and government agencies to co-develop roadmap, standards, and technology, regulatory and legal, currency security frameworks for an alternate and fair international currency system. Our aim is to promote development of a fast, reliable, interoperable, and secured technology platform for the BRICS+ and Global South.

Sovereign OS

Joint collaboration towards designing a robust and efficient OS architecture that can support a wide range of hardware platforms to enhance sovereignty, security and privacy needs of our countries. Our aim is to promote co-development of OS that are interoperable across sovereign platforms fulfilling the strategic needs of our countries, and creating an open ecosystem of future developments. 

Quantum Cryptography

Joint collaboration to combine expertise, resources, and infrastruture to develop roadmap, standards, and solutions for advancing the field of quantum computing, quantum hardware architectures, exploring new algorithms, quantum cryptography and QKD, and quantum applications, with the aim of overcoming the various challenges associated with building practical and scalable quantum computers and applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Collaboration aimed at advancing the field of AI, developing new AI techniques, policies, standards, applications, and systems, and addressing various challenges and ethical considerations through joint partnerships involving academia, research, industry, and government agencies. Our aim is to promote joint efforts to unlock the full potential of AI across various domains and emerging technological and social challenges emerging with AI. 



  • Joint roadmap for skill and human capital development
  • Improve mechanisms for joint academic cooperation, research, innovation, and knowledge sharing
  • Advocate first principles thinking, and development of critical skills in technology
  • Promote long term academic relationships

Areas of Collaboration

Joint Certificate

Joint programs with top Indian and Russian academic institutions of higher learning to address the professional knowledge gap in key strategic sectors for India, Russia, and the entire global south.

Student and Faculty Exchange

Promote Russia and India as destination for oversees education to students and faculties of India and Russia respectively, to improve academic alliances and seamless exchanges of talent and skills.

Joint Degree

Enabling partnerships with academic institutions of both nations to promote to learning from each other and with each other through joint degree programs, with one part in host institution and one part in partner institution. 

Joint Academic Research

Promote joint academic research in future technology frontiers to improve the sovereign technology capabilities by building mechanism of knowledge, intellectual property, and resources sharing.



  • Promote culture and language studies for better socio-cultural integration and collaboration
  • Improve mechanisms for language, literature, and cultural exchanges 
  • Advocate the eastern values, perspectives, culture, and belief 
  • Promote long term cultural bonding between two nations

Areas of Collaboration

Indian Language and Culture Studies

Introduction and promotion of Indian language and literature studies in top Russian institutions to increase awareness about Indian cultures and values.

Russian Language and Culture Studies

Introduction and promotion of Russian language and literature studies in top Indian institutions to increase awareness about Russian cultures and values.

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